Why I’m A Goal Digger

I been getting quite a bit of slack concerning my chosen #bae qualifications.
These qualifications are best explained with a Destiny’s Child comparison.

    Bae Option 1: Michelle (The Minimum): Bae has a Bachelor’s Degree; a job and is or is on the path towards independence (ie. Bae has their own place & pays their own bills or Bae is still living at home saving money to do so.

Bae Option 2: Kelly (The Preferred): Bae is in a Master’s program or has a Master’s degree; Bae has a job or is on the path to getting one

Bae Option 3: Beyonce (The Dream): Bae in in a PhD program or has a PhD; Bae has a career (note: NOT A JOB)

Now listen, peeps, I understand, these are steep standards concerning the current educational statistics around the educational attainment of America’s men. But nonetheless, I still dream.

So, the question is still, why am I such a goal digger?

I need a man with a plan. I am a young woman with goals, dreams, objectives, visions and action plans. And I cannot be unequally yoked peeps.

A man with a degree shows me multiple things.

  1. Commitment: Listen, you are not just handed a degree. A degree takes time, patience and dedication. A man that is this dedicated to his educational future is a man that I want.
  2. Passion: At some point in time this man made the decision to invest multiple years of his life into something that he loves. This man has a passion!
  3. Goals: One does not simply seek to attain a degree just because one has nothing else to do, one obtains a degree because one has GOALS for themselves. I need a man that has said GOALS!

Ladies, I beg of you. Become goal diggers.

Michelle, The Greatest Goal Digger of All Time
Michelle, The Greatest Goal Digger of All Time

Now, before you go attacking me. I understand that a degree is not for us ALL. Understood. Please, I have a right to my own opinion and those are exclusively MY qualifications for #Bae. But whether or not your base has a degree or is working on one you can still be a goal digger.

In some way shape or form bae has got to have dreams and goals. Bae has got to look towards a bigger and brighter future.

If bae is content working that terrible 9-5 for less than minimum wage ima need you to slide on away from Bae and get your mind right.

So, there it is.

Hello, my name is Miss Locklear and I am a goal digger.


Miss Locklear

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