My Last Will and Testament

As I prepare to leave Chapel Hill, I realize that there are quite a few things I want to leave behind…

To the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc. I leave my heart. I don’t love much but when I do, I love hard. To this chapter, I absolutely leave my heart. Because that is exactly what I gave it in November of 2010.

Even more specifically, I would love to leave something to each line of these special women. . .

To the Unforeseen Tokens of Preeminence I leave my leadership, as the oldest line you are now bestowed the honor of leading and guiding the chapter. Lead them right.

To the Transcendent Reflections of Faith I leave, of course, my faith. You came at a time when we needed you most. You restored something in us that we had lost. Carry your light of faith to all those that need it.

To Everlasting Threads of Coalescence I leave my pride. There is absolutely NO ONE more excited to be a sister than a neo. The pride for Alpha Pi Omega that you carry right now is exuberant. Share your pride and love with all you come into contact with.

To the Class of 2018 I leave my sense of wonder. As a freshman the ease at which you are bewildered and faced with wonderment is astounding. I spent countless hours in my dorm wondering about so many things. I spend countless days wondering around. I spent countless months in awe and wonderment of the beauty of UNC. Use it. Enjoy it. Love it.

To the American Indian Center I leave my laughter. I have spent so many joyous hours in the American Indian Center and I hope that laughter continues to coat the terribly painted walls of that building.

To Peabody hall I leave nothing. I have spent too much time there. You have taken all that I have.

To Craige Dorm I leave my Pirates of the Caribbean decor. That beauty of that decor will never look at fantastic as it did in Craige.

To Project Uplift I leave my passion. I love education. I love minorites. I love teaching minorities about education. Project Uplift allowed me to do this in the most fun way! Continue to let this passion burn within you. Do it for the kids.

To my Project Uplift family I leave my wild side. You allowed me to be myself in so many ways. For that I am ever grateful. You accepted me for everything that I am and you celebrated everything I loved. Stay wild or whyl’d.

To my 2013 MEd School Counseling Cohort I leave my school counseling heart. You all are some of the most phenomenal people. As you embark on your journey as school counselors I KNOW that you will be amazing and that you will change lives. You will change the world. One kid at a time.

To Franklin Street I leave my frolicking tendencies. I have wasted countless hours in the overpriced stores on Franklin with absolutely NO intention of buying anything..

And lastly, as we begin plans to separate from each other for the first time in four years, to my line sisters I leave my eternal love. In true sister fashion, we may fight, argue and bicker but you women have pulled me through four years of undergrad and a master’s program. You are my sisters and blood couldn’t change that. Here is my love, take it, use it, wrap yourself in it when you are down and remember that I AM always here.

To the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, you will forever be missed. To you I leave my resiliency. As a student, as a person, as an institution, the various situations and downfalls we have had together have been numerous. But my dearest, we still came out on top.

And this is my last will and testament.

All my love,


Miss Locklear


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