A Letter to my Alma Mater

Dear UNC,

There are a thousand things I wish I could say to you before I leave. There are a thousand experiences and memories I wish I could relive with you before I depart. There are millions of things about you I will never forget.

I remember being here for Project Uplift in 2008 and thinking that I did not deserve such a beautiful place.

I remember getting my acceptance letter and still declaring that I was unworthy.

LJ Photography
LJ Photography

I remember stepping foot in Craige and finally feeling like a Tar Heel.

I remember walking to class from Craige and realizing that I was in love with you.

I remember late night dinners in Rams and long naps in the Union.

I remember you forcing me to grow up by making me ride public transportation for the first time in my life and also giving me back what seemed like millions of dollars in a refund check that I had to stretch out for 6 months.

I remember when you left me in Craige in the summer without air conditioning.

I remember when you gave me people to love and adore and share long evenings with and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

…..I also never remember beating Duke during my undergraduate career.

I remember when you gave me a sisterhood of women that have forever changed my soul.

I remember chilly evenings when November came around and fantastic spring days in the Pit.

Of course I remember LDOC and DHOE.

I remember summers frolicking with PU staff and countless days spent wasting away in the American Indian Center.

Though I wish everything about our relationship could be amazing, I do remember the tough lessons you taught me.

BIOL 101 is NOT a beginners level course.

As a minority I MUST stand up for my rights and my people.

As a Native American my people are not here, we are not represented on this campus.

And loosing a sister during my four years here will forever remain a heartbreaking memory.

UNC, despite our ups and our downs, I love you. Correction. I am IN love with you. To my core I am a Tar Heel. I will forever remember your beauty and your grace. Whether coated in snow or beautiful pink flowers, the Old Well is engraved in my memory. Whether empty or brimming with life, the American Indian Center will always be my home away from home and whether full of water or full of BS from the Pit Preacher, the PIT will forever be the best hangout spot.

Dearest Alma Mater, as my time with you draws to a close I want to sincerely thank you for an outstanding college experience. You have helped to shape and mold me into the intellect that I am today. You have helped me break down the walls of my box and step into the shoes of others.

For your life, your love, your experiences, your beauty and your memories.. I am forever grateful.


A Eternal Tar Heel

Miss Locklear

One thought on “A Letter to my Alma Mater

  1. OK tears. I remember for about 3 years after graduating for Carolina being so in love and obsessed with it. I moved to Pennsylvania and my entire wardrobe was Carolina gear. My room was covered with photos of undergrad. It is a marvelous place. This reminded me of some of the things that faded. Thank you for reminding me…

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