Miss America

I must admit, I am not a pageant person. I typically find them to be extremely superficial and fake.

But here lately I am more and more impressed with the Miss America pageant and organization as a whole… for various reasons.

Education. Their dedication to giving thousands of dollars in scholarships to these young women truly shows their support of higher education. Instead of simply giving them money to blow, it is given with a true cause. Listening to the amazing bios of those young women made me realize just how remarkable they are. Bachelor Degrees, Law School, graduate programs, these young women are truly going on to save the world.

Diversity. Though I am aware of the fact these women go through various pageants to reach the Miss America pageant, it was great to see diversity represented last night. Miss North Carolina, Native American. Miss New York, Indian American. And this may be just my own personal mishap but it was also great to see representation from the Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rico.

The recent outrage of ignorance in America due to the title being given to Miss New York (Indian American and now the first person of Indian descent to hold the title) has shocked me beyond belief. While I am well aware that many of you view America as a white country, where only white people exist. But my dear, OPEN YOU EYES! Things have changed!

Her talent was flawless as was her dress. She is a phenomenal woman!

I hate that she has now reached one of her life goals and she is receiving such backlash from the country that she now has to humbly represent.

My dear Americans, a change has come.

Accept it.

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