Ain’t Much Changed

It’s amazing how things evolve but in a circle that eventually comes back around. It’s truly amazing.

I stand at this high school and I see everything I saw at Hoke County High School.


The Thugs- I can’t learn. I won’t learn. I don’t care, here, look at my underwear.

The Preps- I am rich. I am famous. I will go to the best university here look at my resume, I feed all the homeless people.

The Nerds- I am smart. I am beyond smart. I have taken every AP class here. I have taken college classes here look at my GPA.

The In-Betweens- Sometimes I am smart. Sometimes I am not. Sometimes I care and sometimes I do not. Here, look at my inconsistent grades.


Students never change. It’s even harder to realize that I was once one of these students. This is a terrible thing to realize for multiple reasons.

-I can relate: I know the slang. I know the key words. I know the language. I am only 4 years removed from high school. I know the mentality.

-I was this child: I sit back and realize that I was a compilation of all these students. Sometimes this and sometimes that but always confused.

-Attitude: Things in high school perpetuate the idea of gaining social wealth through various activities. They all seek to be the biggest and the baddest. The meanest. The rudest. And who receives the brunt of that aggression……faculty. Whether intentional or not, the culture within high schools can be counteractive to the effort to build positive relationships between staff and students.


It’s hard. It’s a truly a hard environment. It’s a tough place to survive much less thrive. Everyday I am taken aback by the stories and the students. The day can include so many different things.

Despite it all, I still have hope that they all can achieve all of their goals. I still have hope that they all can make it.

I still have hope.



Miss Locklear

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