Move in. Move up. Move on.

I am not really sure what I expected. A feeling of growth, development, adulthood…. A feeling of realizing that I have moved on.
I watch as everyone hustles and bustles back to campus and then, like a bag of bricks, out of nowhere, I realize.. wow, my undergraduate career is over. Done. Finish.

In August of 2009 I never saw my undergraduate career as a journey that had an end. In my eyes it was a journey that was NEVER going to end! Finals, exams, majors, dining halls… when was it going to END!!And here I sit, watching as the Class of 2017 makes their way into my dorm room on the fifth floor of Craige. I watch as the amazing Tar Heels I have grown to love venture into their final year. I watch through the eyes of a grad student who, though still a Tar Heel, is no longer an undergraduate here at this remarkable university.

I am sure heartbroken is an appropriate term.

I would give anything to be buying a mini-fridge, an area rug, a microwave and a floor length mirror for my dorm room again. I would give anything to start it all over again. Not because I regret anything but because I truly had the best 4 years of my life at this university.

I grew in ways that were unknown to me. God allowed me to make many mistakes that forced me to be the woman I am today. I was molded and made into a Tar Heel with a passion for education and a love for Chapel Hill.

I do not want to grow up. I do not want to move on. But I must.

I must allow the phenomenal people that I have met to pick up where I left off. I must allow those that come behind me to forge their own path.

And yet, I must continue forging my own path.


Miss Locklear


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