Workout for Me

Last night an epiphany slapped me in the face in more ways than one.

My clothes are shrinking. They are tight and uncomfortable. I fidget and pull at them all day while I am at work. This, my beeutiful friends, is due to my current increase in weight.

This I will not stand for anymore. The past week has led me on a journey to the bottom.

But, today is a new day and the start of a new beginning.

A new spiritual and physical journey for me.

Tomorrow I begin the ‘Couch to 5K’ workout and will continue it for the next 2 months.

Today I made a massive amount of detox drink (ingredients: cucumber, lemon, lime & mint).

I then did a slight amount of meal prep. (baked chicken, baby lima beans, corn & homemade honey mustard, green seedless grapes).

I am excited to begin this journey to a better me. . .



Miss Locklear

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