2014. 2015. 2016. 2017.

A few words of advice.

To my dear Freshman, the fantastic Class of 2017.

  • Enjoy your dorm room. Despite its faults, you will never experience this feeling again. Make the best of it.
  • Eat at Sutton’s. Not because it’s the best food in the world but because it is a classic on Franklin street and one of the restaurants that actually has been here a while.
  • Don’t always take the bus. Carolina is beautiful. There are so many things you will/ can miss if you just take the bus all the time.
  • Freshman 15 is real. Ima just leave it at that.
  • Be careful. Carolina is a beautiful place but every place can be dangerous. Make smart decisions. Remember what you are here for, to get an education. Do not make decisions that will cause an interference with this. Protect your reputation and your dignity. Remain humble. You have been given a blessing. You are a Tar Heel. Act like one.


To the sassy sophomore’s, the stellar Class of 2016.

  • One year down. You are not a ‘Carolina Expert’ now. You were a freshman just one year ago. Watcha’ ego (;
  • Choosing a major. Meditate on your purpose in life. Think about your end goal. In 10 years what do you want to be doing? What will help you get there?
  • Find a mentor. Find someone who will help you plan your next steps in life.
  • Be a leader. You have been here on year. You have gotten your feet wet. Now it is time to dive in and build that resume. What organization are you passionate about? Become a leader in that organization. Your resume building has begun. Make a change.
  • Enjoy. You have had a frantic first year of not knowing much but you are now a steady sophomore with enough knowledge not to get lost but enough innocence not to have to worry about graduation. Relish in friendship, random midnight outings and Davis Library raves!



To the marvelous juniors, the amazing Class of 2015.

  • Your half-way done! Your no longer at the bottom, but a few stretches from the top. By this time you have found your footing at Carolina. You have established your major. Represent well Tar Heel.
  • Study Abroad. I probably could offer this advice to every single class, but please consider it. Either international or domestic. It truly changed my life.
  • Internships. Soon future planning will ensue and that means knowing what you want to do. Apply for various internships/ jobs in things that you feel you would love to commit yourself to.
  • Ponder. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Will that require graduate school? What other opportunities exist for you? Many applications will be due in October/ November of your senior year and you do not want to scramble to gain information and figure out your next step. Do that now!
  • Relax. This year allows for your last final straw of innocent fun before big world planning begins. You are settled in your major and your GPA. You should be at a quite comfortable place at Carolina and on this campus. Enjoy your present position. Relax and relish in happiness.



And last but not least, to the magnificent seniors, the outstanding Class of 2014.

  • This. Is. Your. Year. #EnoughSaid
  • Lead. Congratulations! You have made it to the top of the totem pole! You have arrived. But remember, you have people following in your footsteps. Make those footsteps worth stepping in. Hold your head high but do not drown if it rains –> What I mean is, Stay Humble. You do not have a diploma yet.
  • Plan. In May of 2014 it is over. Sorry to ruin if for you.. But you need a next step. Job? Internship? Graduate school? Make an excel document of all of your options with the link to apply as well as the deadline. Stay on top of it.
  • GO! Go to everything you ever wanted to go to. Everything you never went to. Everything you keep putting off! This, young seniors, will be your last chance!
  • Be Proud. Many of your peers did not make it to this point. But you did. In May of 2014 you will be overwhelmed with the feeling of success. You will be bursting with pride, as will your family and friends! You made it young Tar Heel. You have accomplished something that many people fail to accomplish. Be Proud. Stay Humble. Continue to achieve greatness.


Miss Locklear

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