Project Uplift: #MayTheWhylinNeverStop

I’m new here in Greensboro which means I have a total of one friend including Francesca, my roommate, who is mandated to be my friend.

Now, in undergrad this would have been an issue. However, as a graduate student I am okay with sticking to myself and not really being a social butterfly. This also means that on any given day I can walk around campus without speaking to absolutely anyone and without being spoken to. Again, it’s all good.

So, last night I was returning to the parking deck after shaking my behind and twerking at the Move N’ Groove hip hop class and I was just casually walking down the street when someone passed me and then shouted my name. Usually, I just keep walking because again, no one here knows me and I just assume that I am hearing things. But then I heard my name again…I cautiously turned around and it was a younger girl with glasses who was smiling from ear to ear. 198267_4124794761921_240553191_n

“Is that Leslie?” she said…

“Who’s that!?” I shouted as she had walked quite a ways and I couldn’t really see her face..

“It’s Mercy! I went to Project Uplift!” 282809_4124807162231_1624076568_n

Lawd, I near bout squeezed this woman to death. I barely remembered her face but she was absolutely glowing as she told me about how great she was doing here at UNCG and how she missed Project Uplift. We hugged at least three times as if we had known each other forever and I walked away feeling absolutely amazing.

When you are on Project Uplift staff 9 times out of 10 you only did it because it is the absolute best way to have fun in the summer and get paid for it. I mean come on… Cohesion parties are the absolute B O M B. But sometimes we forget the lasting affect that we are having on young people each and every week. These young people look up to us. 179164_4029891829407_1349016927_nThese young people remember our names and faces. These young people are going to be taking our places one day. Sometimes I forget the impact that those two days can have on the life of a young person but being stopped on the street two years after I had been on staff by a young women who seemed to be FLOURISHING in college just made my heart explode with rainbows and flowers.

I am so proud to have served on Project Uplift staff with such amazing people that not only changed the life of young people but changed my life also. I am always inspired by my staff members who are out just FLOURISHING all over this country. And yes, we come to PU because it is a good time with good peeps but it is truly life changing and I appreciate Mercy for reminding me of that. 303673_4124805922200_1621584168_n

There is absolutely nothing better than random hugs on the street from past participants who remember you.

Y’all, I am just blessed.

Sending love too all my fellow PU staff members, all across this nation ❤


Miss Locklear

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