The Definition of Cheating.

I am not typically the one that people come to for relationship advice… for various reasons. However, I had a friend a while back who was unaware of my inability to give legitimate and reasonable relationship advice and instead persisted in sharing their relationship issues with me and obviously wanted my opinion.

I listened. Wholeheartedly and intently. For months. Y’all. This man and this gal was in some kinda mess and they couldn’t even realize it. Anywho. There was one fundamental block that we, as friends and confidants, could N O T overcome.

We could not agree on the fundamental basic definition of cheating. Every single conversation we had was centered around the discussion of whether or not the committed act was “cheating”. Lawd, we near bout argued over this thing.

However, these conversations have broadened my knowledge of relationships and have allowed me to see various relationships in different ways. Instead of jumping to conclusions I realize that we do not always define things in exactly the same way. For that I am appreciative. But, again, I am still so lost on the definition of cheating. can-your-relationship-survive-cheating

This man and this woman partook in various acts that in my life I deemed absolutely unacceptable and grounds for D I S M I S S A L. Y’all. Pure dismissal.

So, where do you draw the line. When does an act become cheating? I know people with very strict views of this concept. Some are so hard lined as to consider any communication with someone other than their partner cheating. Some are more lax and are allowed to freely share kisses and dinners with others.

When you get in a relationship you and your partner M U S T share the same definition of cheating. You MUST. Do you understand me? Could you imagine being with someone who’s definition of cheating was starkly different from yours?

Bae 1: What do you consider cheating?

Bae 2: Oh, well I guess you having feelings for someone other than me! What about you?

Bae 1: It’s only cheating if you sleep with someone else..

Bae 1 & Bae 2 IS NOT gonna last. They are doomed. End it. Now. Save us all your sappy break-up.

So dearies, I ask you. What do you consider cheating and where do you draw the line?

What are YOUR grounds for DISMISSAL…


Miss Locklear

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