Contradiction: A Positive Breakup

This topic has extended far and wide across my life the past few months.

Andddd as is expected, I would like to clarify/ share some knowledge/ clean up/ mess up/ confuse you all a little on this topic.

As humans we love drama. We relish in the delight of having someone or something to talk about. We stare at reality TV for hours on end just to get our fill of drama and arguing. And, as humans, we hate being left out of the loop.
More than anything we hate when relationships end and we don’t know why. EVEN MORE we hate when relationships end and there is no mud slinging.

Upon the ending of a relationship one is bombarded with questions about why and how and who and what and blah. To cease these questions from existing my ex-boo and I ‘attempted’ to keep things undercover for as long as can be allowed…
Well, this worked better than I expected. Especially for those around me that I was not extremely close with. However, once they did find out they were appalled that they could not suspect my breakup based on my emotional state.
“But Leslie, you weren’t sad? You didn’t cry? You didn’t even talk about him on Twitter.”

soccer-world-m61-bra-ger  Wow. I thought. Our society breeds on negativity so much that they  are astounded when something as negative as a breakup is turned into  a positive situation for both parties involved. We are shocked that  ADULTS can calmly and coolly agree on a situation and part ways without a restraining order.
I suspect that I was supposed to come to class and work hysterically crying, post sappy single posts on Facebook and bash him on Twitter.


If as a society we spent our time investing more time in positive interactions despite the circumstances we could do away with so many things..
restraining orders for one.

Until then, people will continue to be perplexed when there is no drama and they are left out of the inner circle.

And also, control your emotions. Please.

Miss Locklear

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