Bling Blues: 23, Educated and Single

I have heard people mention this feeling before.

I am going to term this feeling.. the ‘Bling Blues’.

Note the girl on the left..

Leslie, what in the world are the ‘Bling Blues’? Well darling, I am delighted that you have posed such a ravenous question.

Bling Blues (n): The depressing feeling one gets when one does not have bling located on their left hand, fourth finger; typically induced by an inflation of engagements/ weddings by one’s peers.

Symptoms: chronic wedding pinning on Pinterest, chronic engagement ring searching, impulsive trips to try on wedding dresses.. all around wedding fever.


My dearies, I have seen this too many times with young women my age. The Bling Blues are REAL and I do not care what ANY doctor says.

But sunshine’s, I am perplexed as to why we, typically as young women, are so indoctrinated with the idea that marriage is our #1 goal? I have been to countless family functions and the first question I typically get is someone over the age of 70 questioning my relationship status. Though I do receive questions about my educational journey and my career path, far more often I am bombarded with questions about my boyfriend, or the lack thereof, my unborn child, my unplanned wedding and this husband that I do not even know.

Now, hold up. I do understand that marriage is a large part of life for many people. Marriage is the beginning and end for some people but, NOT ALL… However, whether or not marriage is your goal, the bling blues can easily plague you. Society paints a beautiful picture of an engagement, a ring, a wedding, a husband and all that jazz. And truly, it is beautiful, for some people.

Society has also led us to think that the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. . . dearies, that is not always true. Entering into an engagement/ wedding is not to be taken lightly or for show. No matter how badly you are being affected by the bling blues think deeply about taking such a big step. Meditate on your relationship with this man and your relationship with God. Ensure that you are 100% prepared to wake up next to that man every single day for the rest of your life. Sorry, didn’t mean to scare ya but warm fuzzies won’t get you through those tough months. Love, patience, commitment and the good Lord will.

Young women, what I am trying to say is… Shake your ‘bling blues’. This is the season where every man decides he is going to pop the question and whether your man is down on one knee, just a boyfriend or completely non-existent, enjoy the season you are in now. Enjoy the grass on your side and stop worrying so much about everyone else grass.

You is kind.
You is smart.
You is important.

Bae will find you soon enough and if he don’t then honey, plant a garden and enjoy life as it is.

Because everything that glitters aint gold.

More pointless wisdom (:


Miss Locklear

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