Jesus, Homelessness and Turning the Other Cheek

Moving to a new city brings along it’s fair share of burdens as well as a fair share of triumphs. Yesterday my roomie and I had a remarkable triumph. Our search for a new church had produced a fruitless list of experiences because we were so committed to the Summit Church in the triangle area. We loved the contemporary music, the theological connections and oh yeah, Pastor JD! Definitely a hard church experience to compare! 

And then, last week the Lord just slapped us with a blessing. After hearing news that the Summit had planted a church in the Greensboro area we immediately knew we had found a home! We showed up bright and early on Sunday to the 9:30 am service (Yes, this is unusual for me. I am a notorious lover of the 11 am service…) and we were greeted with flags and people and smiling faces and of course, the “First Time Guests Tent”. We were home. It felt good to find a piece of our past right here in Greensboro. 

Now to the point.

As we sat listening intently to the message from Pastor Andrew Hopper I was slapped with another conviction. Some of you may or may not have experienced this. That moment when the Lord says, “Yeah, YOU. I saw what you did and THIS is what you need to change!” As he continued to preach from Philippians 2 about who Jesus is and what that means for me as a Christian he spoke about how Jesus gave up ALL of his heavenly riches to take on human form to die on the cross for us. In hindsight, he surrendered all of his power and his glory to then save us. 

And then a stark comparison. How many times do we drive past the homeless and give nothing? How many times do we drive past the homeless and turn the other cheek? How many times do we drive past the homeless and make comments such as “I worked all day for my money why cant they do the same”? I have heard these comments a thousand times. I am guilty of these actions. 

Now, sugar lumps, imagine if our Lord and Savior had looked down upon us and stated, “I worked hard to earn my seat in glory, they will get what they deserve!”. 

Whew. GahhhLee. That is an EYEOPENER! 

In 2013, 23% of all homeless persons were children. 38% of the homeless population were families. Defined by Merriam-Webster as those who have no permanent place of residence, homelessness in America is an epidemic. It is an epidemic among our youth and among our veterans. 

I wrote this post because this was not only an eye opening experience for me but allowed me to question myself as a Christian. If my God was willing to give up so much for me why am I so hesitant to give of the riches that HE gave me?

Jesus Fam. Give of your riches just as he gave of his. Give your time. Give your love. Give your light. Give with an open and caring heart just as he did for you.

#Shoutout to Mercy Hill!


Miss Locklear



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