The BEST Advice

A week or so ago, a colleague (I always wanted to use that word) shared with me a Buzzfeed article about the Top 22 College Essay prompts!

Needless to say, as a person who LOVES to write on specific prompts, I was ecstatic! I choose a few of my favorites from this list and plan to write some of my blogs on these topics. So, enjoy (:

“What is the best piece of advice you have ever received.”

We receive advice all the time. However, it is not always the BEST or most effective advice. It’s tough to think through all of the things I have been told in order to find what has truly been meaningful to me. BAZINGA! It literally just hit me, I don’t remember who, where, when or in what context but I remember this quote/ mantra/ mission/ advice being given to me and since that day it has literally become a ideology for me. A way in which I live EVERY day.

“Leslie, all they can do is say no..”

As a society, as a nation, as a people we are so afraid of the word NO. We live in a constant state of doing things to ensure we get a yes. We frequently police our steps to ensure that we ask just the right question, say just the right thing in order to receive the coveted “YES”.¬† We fear rejection to no end.

Now, do not get me wrong. I am not saying that hearing the word ‘NO’ is easy. I am not saying that being rejected is a minimal thing. Believe me, I was denied by Harvard… and I was/ am MAD. But had I not applied I would have lived a life of “Gosh, I wonder if I could have gotten into Harvard.” Well, now I know, that NO you did not/ would not have gotten in!

The fear of the word ‘NO’ is one of the most debilitating things that young people are facing. They fear college applications, love, job interviews, even confrontation because of the word ‘NO’. So many times we don’t get what we want or deserve because we don’t simply ask for it because we fear the word ‘NO’.

With that being said, young folk, it is not easy, but I face every single situation with a simple mantra….”Leslie, all they can do is say no..”.

Imagine the possibilities if we just asked with no fear.


Miss Locklear

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