Beauty and the Books

The past three years have been inundated with mandated reading material. I have been forced to read, review, analyze and understand academic articles. Some of which have transformed the way I view education and others that left me completed confused.

Moving into 2018, I want to renew and reinvigorate my love for reading. I mean old school reading. That new book feel reading. That don’t bend the book too hard reading. That ‘how dare they leave this out of the movie’ reading. That’s the kind of reading I want.

But also, I have to remember that re-reading Harry Potter over and over, while just as magical and beautiful, does not allow me to expand my world view… or wizard view. Whatsoever have you.

2018 will be composed of books that I pour myself into.

First up. “The Shack” by W.M Paul Young… So I just so happened to start this one at the end of December and finished it up just in time. And geez louise was it wonderful. I have yet to see the movie but what a beautiful representation of my God. This book transformed the way I view my relationship God and in all honesty, set my heart on fire for my morning devotion and time with him. It was what I needed more than anything. Hehe, silly me, God knew this. This book was loaned to me by a co-worker who agreed to swap books with me. What a blessing. It was definitely out of the norm for me and not something I would pick up on my own but a true heart-wrenching look into the ways in which we have allowed religion to destroy something so pure and beautiful. For those looking to fall back in love God and move your relationship from lukewarm to ON FIRE, take a peek at this one!

Currently perusing. “Born A Crime” by Trevor Noah. I am not a auto-biography reader. Ever. But oh la la am I LOVING this. I will be honest, I had NO idea who Trevor Noah really was. I knew he was famous and a host on a show but that was the extent of my knowledge. This gem was dropped into my hands as a graduation present from a beeutiful friend. Navigating the story of his childhood in South Africa leaves me absolutely cackling as he recalls whippins’ from his mama but also intently trying to understand the atrocities of the apartheid from a half-white/ half-black kid. I implore you, if non-fiction has never been your thing, give this one a try!

I am so excited to watch this list grow in 2018 and want YOUR suggestions. Here are a few I have on the list…”We Were Eight Years in Power” by Ta-Nehisi Coates and “The Autobiography of Gucci Mane”.

What are you reading in 2018?

Dr. Locklear


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