smellin’ 30.

I am completely ashamed of myself. I have been gone for 365 days and it is truly truly sad.

I have 2 blogs in my drafts that never found their final form and here I am, back for my annual birthday reflection.

It’s such a beautiful thing to be born four days after a new year. This often means that my birthday brings about a natural sense of reflection and also means that my goals and resolutions don’t start until the Monday AFTER birthday celebrations.

January 4th, 2018 marks a moment in which the world has held me gracefully in it’s arms for twenty-seven magnificent years. January 4th, 2018 also marks the first year, in my own recollection, that I have failed to plan and orchestrate a magnificent birthday celebration.

I am going to attribute this party pooper feeling to inclement weather, ‘almost 30’ blues and, of course, sheer exhaustion from the past season of excitement (read: graduation party, graduation, weddings and holidays). 

I am one year older and sorta wiser in some form or fashion.

I have a clear beautiful vision of what my life is going to be in this twenty-seventh year. That was a joke but I know what it won’t be…CLOUDED WITH FORMAL EDUCATION. My blog is due for a renovation, one of which included a re-branding from Miss Locklear to Dr. Locklear…

I promise my sweet cotton candy darlings that this re-brand will consist of more content, more love and more light. What I cannot promise is consistency right now. I am riding this new years, new me, birthday high with tons of blog ideas but I am a firm believer that forced content is TRASH. But I do promise time and patience to allow myself to get back to what I love.

In my usual fashion, I want to share some birthday reflections. I won’t tell you the numerous things that year twenty-six taught me but I will say year twenty-six was tough. Extremely so.

This past year the Lord worked on my faith, my heart, my relationships and my finances. I have had such a roller-coaster year.

Hands down, my 2017 motto was…”He didn’t bring me this far just to bring me this far.” One of the first things I want to share with you in this new season is the story of my doctorate journey. The ups, downs, ins and outs. All the things I wish I would have known and all the things that torn me down and built me up. My entire year was shaped around obtaining my degree. Whew, what a journey.



Lovelies, Happy New Year, I hope your Christmas was beautiful and filled with the love of Christ. I hope your New Year was magical and more than anything, I hope you have a renewed spirit and heart to take on a new year and a new you.

happy birthday to me.

And I promise to see you soon.

Dr. Locklear.

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