Dear Graduate

First of 942451_10201114149599601_338689734_nall, congratulations.

Post a million pictures, smile a thousand times, laugh a little louder.


You deserve every ounce of joy you feel right now. Don’t waste it. Let the happiness encapsulate you. You did it. From the tips of your tops to the top of your head, let your body drown in the sheer weight of happiness. You did it.

Dear Graduate,

Be proud. Your hard work, determination and dedication have paid off. You have crossed a threshold and you deserve to bask in the beauty of your success.

But Dear Graduate, stay humble.

Along the way others were lost. You have found some of your glory but there are others who didn’t make it. Their story, struggles and successes will be different from yours. Someone lost a mother, a father, a grandmother this year. Someone was diagnosed with cancer, found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, lived without water and electricity or barely had enough food to eat.

Along the way, do not count your successes in comparison to others. Do not compare your journey to those around you. Walk your path proudly and confidently. Hug and love those that support you, do away with those that spread a confetti of negativity.

Dear Graduate,

I am so proud of you. No matter the degree, how long it took or the next step you plan to take, you have created a path for someone behind you. The younger generation. Love them. Show them the way. Talk to them about your plans. Shed light into their lives.

Dear Graduate,

Always reach behind as you climb. You did not get where you are alone, no matter the hardships you faced. Someone, somewhere loved you, prayed for you, cried with you and supported you.

If you felt alone, be what you needed to someone else.

Dear Graduate, you are tremendously blessed.

It’s your time to shine. Enjoy your moment. Bask in the sun. But remember, your work is not done. We still need you.


Miss Locklear

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