Now Introducing…

She’s beautiful.

Has your breathe ever been stolen from you so hastily and so quickly that you are left gasping and you hardly even notice? Transfixed in this odd state of magical observation and embodied warmth.

She’s warm.

She insights an instant feeling of warmth, comfort and protection. 8566986B-743C-41AB-852D-D0CC94D7FB68

We are often so limited by the boxes of our own small imaginations. We try to configure magical lands built from the scraps of our experiences. This is what I envisioned you as. In my small little mind I had built you. Yes, to me you were beautiful but despite your beauty, in reality you were nothing more than a compilation of everything else. A collection of this and that. In my mind, you were beautiful, yet, in my mind, you were so limited.

I stood in awe of your beauty and from that day to this, every single moment that I adorn my body with you, I feel as if the Queen of England has absolutely, positively NOTHING on me. Nothing y’all.

I promised you would meet her and here she is. Earlier this year I got my new regalia from the absolutely outstanding Ms. Tabitha Jacobs.

6A534922-8AEC-4B91-B29F-6208C73BF397There is no feeling like seeing someone create something you never knew you always wanted and just feeling it mesh so perfectly with your personality, your soul, your footsteps and your heartbeat.

As a Native, I hold so dear to my heart every single stitch that it took to weave my regalia together.

I think back on my journey to a new regalia and see how God knew there was a time and a place. Little did I know he had already arranged for the work to be done, I just needed to wait, not so patiently, on it to come to fruition.

I think Ms. Tabitha and I both knew that this regalia had its own path long before we touched it. At the fabric store it was almost as if the perfect combination of colors jumped at us. What a blessing.

My first re-entry into the arena with my new regalia simply reminded me that the work invested in her beauty was not for me but instead to honor my family, my friends and to give glory to God.

Forever grateful.


Miss Locklear

A huge thank you to Creative Native and owner, Ms. Tabitha Jacobs for her patience and dedication. 

Please check out her amazing work!


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