Your Typical Sorority Girl

It’s true. I confess.
I am your typical, 100% basic, sorority girl. 53013_1684277390512_3534069_o
I know. Surprising.
I buy all things with bee’s on them whether it’s a grocery bag or a watering can.
I firmly believe that wearing all red makes me the fiercest woman in the room.
There is no better accessory than red lipstick.
No, I will not tell you what ‘ITCOS’ means.
Yes, I do have to always do a ‘sign’ picture.
No, it won’t take forever to get a picture with everyone, we got that sorority pose DOWN PAT!
Yes, we always wear red. Always.
So yes, I am your typical sorority girl.
I firmly believe in the mission of my sisterhood.
I am always recruiting. Always.
If you love something and believe in it, you want to share it with everyone.
Yes, we do community service, and we love it.
Yes, I call them my sisters, not for fun, not because it’s cute, but because blood couldn’t make us any closer. 52923_1685128051778_1080085_o
No, we don’t always party. We go to law school, dental school, pharmacy school and we teach.
No, we aren’t snobby exclusive brats, we are Indigenous women hustling to make a difference.
We come from single parent homes. Low income homes. Wise grandmothers and powerful ancestors.
We are the amazing products of a beautiful culture.
We are rooted in passion, love and dedication.
We cry together, pray together, laugh together and shout together.
We believe in all things fire red, new grass green and maize yellow.
We fight the good fight and believe wholeheartedly in our cause.
We love to have a good time and we work hard.
We are grateful for the valleys and the mountains that we face.
We always #HaveFaith.
We are just here to change the world.
So, yeah, I’m your typical sorority girl.

Happy 21 years Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc. 
Sending hugs and love to sisters all across this nation.
Sending so much love to our four beeutiful founders and of course, sending my heart to the Oh So Amazing Alpha Chapter.


Miss Locklear
Fall 2010, Amorous Charms of Avidity, Charm of Vivacity

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