An Ode to My Baby Bee’s

I blame Carolina. I blame Carolina for this overwhelming nostalgic feeling that I feel every single Mother’s Day. The feeling of being but a blimp in a sea of Carolina Blue in Kenan Stadium. The feeling of wanting to shout “Mama I made it” endlessly because Carolina took you in four years ago, beat you, chewed you up and made you the most marvelous jewel ever. Yes, I blame Carolina.

But no matter the blame, every graduation season brings peeps across the stage and this year I absolutely cannot fathom the young ladies that are graduating. Not because they are incompetent or not worthy but because they are my BABIES. I mean that in all sense of that word. . .

This year, the outstanding Class of 2015 holds two of my Tokens. I have proclaimed it before and I will claim it again, it was an absolutely honor to be the Dean of this line.Aftan

So here is my teary eyed sappy good-bye to two Tokens, one Reflection and one Thread.

Aftan ❤

There is not a time that I have seen you and you have not had this big cheesy smile across your face. For that smile I am forever grateful. I hope that smile and the joy in your heart leads you far beyond the walls of UNC to something amazing, something beautiful, something great. Your spirit is vast and powerful. I can’t wait to watch you change the world. All my love little sister ❤

ChelseaChelsea ❤

Never have I seen someone so driven, passionate and hardheaded. For this I am forever grateful. Naming your line with Jessica was the most heartfelt and passionate experience I had with my sisters. And I cannot think of a line that deserved that name more. As a Reflection of Faith I call you not to stand in her shadow but to live out her legacy as a strong, amazing, extraordinary Native woman. It’s your time to fly. All my love little sister ❤

Unforeseen Tokens of Preeminence. SPR12.

I am going to be honest. We were scared. Scared to bring in young girls who were still finding their way on wobbly legs at Carolina. Scared to give you everything only to fail you. But we did let this fear cripple us and for that I am so joyful. In the Spring of 2012, I had the outstanding honor of being Dean to a line of 5 *insert tons of amazing adjectives here* women. Women who now are Queen Bee’s. So here’s my ode to you..Katlin

Katlin ❤

It’s almost as if the passion within your heart is contagious to us all. To the out-of-the box sister who has a spirit that has the power to set the world on fire. Baby girl, I envy you. May your heart always overflow with ideas, creativity, intellect and passion. It absolutely amazing to think back to you in the Fall of 2011 as a Freshman who was on fire for everything. It was beautiful. And now, to watch you as a graduating senior, still so passionate, still so on fire, and yet so focused on your future. Your love for Native people and Alpha Pi Omega will surely change the face of Indian Country and I can’t wait to see it. All my love little sister. ❤

ElenaElaine ❤

When you came up to me at ‘Meet the Greeks’ in the Fall of 2011 and shouted “How Do I Join This?”, well, I could have strangled you. But, despite the basketball stories, the bangs and the bad highlights, lawd, we brought you on in and I am so blessed that we did. I hesitate not to tell people that one of my biggest role models is two years younger than me. So blessed that God has allowed me to walk alongside you on this journey and to be constantly inspired by your spunk, your pizzazz and your inner beauty. To the ONLY woman in my life that I am okay looking worse than. Next to you I am honored to be a strong 6.5 in light of your being a strong 10. (: All my love little sister ❤

My posts about my sorority and my sisters can never truly express how proud, honored and blessed I am to be only a small part of these women’s life. The Lord knew just what he was doing when he gave me these women and I am forever grateful.

To the times that you corrected me listened to me, asked for advice, calmed me down, reassured me, laughed with me, cried with me, ate with me and loved me, to you, I am forever grateful.

In my book, you are a blessing that God keeps giving me over and over.

Our hearts are bonded through more than three Greek letters, baby girls, blood could not make us any closer.

Be vast.


Miss Locklear

..Jeremiah 29:11..

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