Why I’m Not Happy

People hate Monday’s. I mean really really hate Monday’s.

People are sad. Grump. Cranky. Sensitive. And all around a HOT mess on Monday’s.

So I may be going a little against the norm when I say that I love Monday’s. Well, to be honest I am also quite fond of Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s, Saturday’s and of course, there is absolutely no other day as glorious as Sunday.

But poor, dear ole Monday really gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the ranking of most hated.

Well, i’m not unhappy because it’s Monday. No. There are a whole host of reasons why I could be unhappy.

This morning I woke up 20 minutes late and didn’t get to eat Captain Crunch cereal that I had planned on enjoying.

I had to try on three pairs of pants this morning before finding a pair that fit, thus only reminding me of my endless fight with my weight.

I didn’t put quite enough creamer and sugar in my coffee thus rendering it a little too strong for me to enjoy.

I left my jacket in my car and it’s a little chilly in my office.

My hair has decided that on this glorious Monday it will proceed to be soooo knotty that I have refused to touch it.

My bill for Summer School is due today… Ima just leave it at that.

My face is rebelling against makeup and appearing as a blotchy replica of a nice slice of pizza.

Oh and did I mention, today is Monday.

Sadly my list could go on and on and on. But despite it all. My heart smiles. Not that weak smile. Ya know. The one that you get when you are just satisfied. No dearies, my heart is bursting with a flood of something much greater than mere happiness. Something more powerful. Something that has the ability to fight knotty hair, too tight pants, a lack of a sugary breakfast, cold chills and everything else that Monday brings… My heart is brimming with joy.

A few months ago, I relied on ‘happiness’ to get me through the week. I just wanted to wake up and be ‘happy’ and every single day was a struggle. Instead, now, I know that the joy that the Lord has put in my heart has the power to overcome any obstacle that I face because my joy is NOT based on what is happening around me the way happiness is. My joy is not conditional. My joy is ever-present and ever-calming. My joy is powerful beyond my own means. My joy in HIM has changed my entire world.

So on this Monday I ask you to smile. Delight yourself in the Lord.

Romans 15:13. Nehemiah 8:10. Proverbs 17:22. Psalm 4:7

I pray that your days rests not on the happiness of what is happening but on the joy of what is abounding in your soul.

I pray joy over  you today, tomorrow and forever.


Miss Locklear


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