Twenty Four and Incandescently Happy.

It is an absolutely extraordinary feeling to be overwhelmed with joy, peace and happiness. It’s like eating fried chicken, french fries and cotton candy ice cream while sitting on the Arno River at sunset in Florence, Italy. That’s exactly what my birthday has been like.

Twenty four is not an exciting year. Nothing fantastic happens when you turn 24 except that BB&T decides that you can no longer have a student account. That’s it. Overall its a rather remarkably boring age to be but nonetheless, it comes. And on January 4th, it came. But not so quietly.

To many I have been deemed the Queen of Birthday’s because I want to celebrate for at least a week. Not just my birthday, but everyone’s. I absolutely adore birthdays. For that moment (week) in time you are crucially important. Your happiness is everyone’s priority. Peeps, soak in that moment, day, week. Allow the world to show you how great you are!

This year, I had resided myself to simply having a birthday dinner because 1) my shenanigans can be quite a big, 2) the IMG_2624holidays were draining and 3) for some odd, unknown reason, I just wasn’t feeling it. I couldn’t get in the ‘Birthday Spirit’. I know, odd. Anywho, said birthday dinner was to occur on Friday evening at Sheff’s. Now, y’all, I have been craving this seafood all week. I was uberly excited for this dinner. I could taste the shrimp, hush puppies and fries. In preparation for said dinner, my soul-mate, Amanda, and I decided that to celebrate my birthday in true fashion we would go skating. Now, let me just say, as an adult, if you want a GOOD, HARD workout, please, go skating. I was completely whipped and drenched in sweat. It was NO JOKE. But there is nothing more special when Bray (my heart, soul, nephew, child) steps out of the car and says “Lez, this is my first time going skating with you and mama”. So worth it.

As our skating adventures came to a close, mind you, I fell ZERO times while Amanda fell TWICE (let that be noted), it was drawing near to my dinner. Let us take note of my outfit. Combat boots. Jeans. A white v-neck. A flannel. Glasses. No make-up and a messy x2 bun. My first duty once I got back home was to shower. IMG_2627

We drew closer to my mother’s house and Amanda and I were so deep in conversation (as usual) that I paid absolutely NO attention to the million gazillion cars sitting in the driveway until we were right outside. Listen to me, people. My mother, family and friends had managed to pull off a surprise party. This has only been done successfully ONCE before when I turned 18…That’s it. I was completely shocked and downright mortified. I looked some sort of terrible. So I navigated the masses rather quickly and skipped out on my guests and hopped right in the shower.

IMG_2612An evening of food, fun, gifts, laughs and the most important people in my life. It was phenomenally beautiful.

I proceeded to spend my Saturday doing as least as possible while also ensuring that I got the fried shrimp that I had previously been promised.

And now. The day I had been waiting for. Sunday. January 4th, 2015. It was finally….FINALLY, my birthday. I knew that my day would be full of emotions because 1) I was born on this day, 2) I was going to church, 3) I had to drive back to Greensboro and 4) my fantastic roommate had another UNKNOWN surprise.

My Sunday was gorgeous for so many reasons. I wore my birthday dress. I made it to Hardee’s for breakfast. I went to church at PowerPoint Church and was absolutely BLESSED, as usual. And finally, I got in my car to make the trip back to Greensboro for another surprise. IMG_2633

By this point in time I was convinced that I was loved, adored, cherished and appreciated. My family and friends had already gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to make me feel like I was truly God’s gift to earth. And the surprises weren’t even over yet. Greensboro and my amazing roomie gave me hot pink cupcakes, 24 mini-sausage biscuits from Biscuitville and dinner with amazing people that drove ALL the way to Greensboro just for my birthday.

IMG_2634I went to bed last night elated. Excited. And joyful in so many ways.

It’s a shame that sometimes we forget to thank those closest to use. It’s a shame that sometimes I forget to thank God for the people he has given me. But believe me, I have spent so much time thanking him in the last few days.

A few shoutouts:

My Mother: Slightly late and disorganized, THANK YOU a million times over for 5 days of bliss and everything and of course, thanks for Kate (:IMG_2602

My Family: Thank you for assisting my slightly disorganized mother, I appreciate you all more than you know!

Amanda: For the random skate trip, keeping me occupied and always giving me a good time. ❤ #soulmateIMG_2623

Elena: Despite everything going on in your own life, you were still so involved in my birthday. Forever grateful!

Francesca: To the girl that doesn’t celebrate birthdays, thank you for indulging in my birthday and making it fantastic.

My Friends: Thanks for keeping secrets, great gifts, smiles, hugs, love and laughter. I am so blessed to have you.

I love my birthday. I do. But this year, as I am embark on my journey to work on my Grace, I want to also work on my IMG_2617Spirit of Thankfulness and me and Jesus’ birthday season has given me so much to be thankful for.

IMG_2610Here’s to another year of love, laughter, spontaneity, randomness, reading, learning, and growing with the amazing people that God has blessed me with.

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.

All my love,


Miss Locklear




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