The Day I Found Mr. Perfect

There are some days you never forget. Ya know. Graduation. Birthdays. Marriages. Humans being born and the likes thereof. Some days go down in your mental history as monumental.
I love these days.
I love being able to capture that moment even years later. Where I was standing. What I was wearing. The smells. The sounds. It’s amazing how the brain works.

I am pretty sure the day I found Mr. Perfect will go down in my own mental history. Now, I have found Mr. Perfect before.greys I have found President Fitzgerald Grant III, McDreamy, McSteamy and others whom I presumed were perfect but fictional.
This Mr. Perfect, the one I found is real. Y’all. The man is real.

I debated describing in detail the situation. And then I realized… what if somebody finds out who my man is and steals him.
So nope, I ain’t sharing. But I will share the emotional experience.
It’s funny how someone you barely know can cause so much emotional uproar in you. Nervous. Excited. Happy. Depressed. I was a plethora of things. And for once in my life. For once, I was speechless. Now..

If you know me, you know how R A R E this is. I ALWAYS have something to say. Even if it’s wrong, doesn’t fit and is off topic, I still have something to say. But it’s amazing that someone can have the power to silence me without even knowing it. It’s strange.
It’s strange being so confused about what you want in life but knowing that something is “right” for you.
I was quite perplexed.
Each encounter is muddled and confusing. I am nervous and all “butterfly-ey” or something. I spend more time thinking about the right thing to say then I should have. Every word is well-thought out but poorly delivered and when he leaves my presence and I am free to come back to Earth all the “right” words come to mind.

I do not know much about Mr. Perfect. I know that he is not mine and I am not his. I firmly believe that there are many Mr. Perfect’s that we come across and we are not meant to fall in love and marry each one of them. But I appreciate the experience. The nervous giggles. The awkward pauses.
I appreciate being kept on my toes. I appreciate it…

So don’t always feel like you have to chase someone whom you perceive is perfect. Live in the moment. Enjoy their existence. Thinking about love in this way is so much more “freeing”.

But rest assured, Mr. Perfect, I got my eye on you and if the good Lawd brings you back into my path, prepare to be swept off your feet.



Miss Locklear

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