Lesson’s Learned: DHOE Edition

This past weekend Carolina Alum’s converged on Chapel Hill to remind that city that 1) we still here 2) we still got love for you and 3) ain’t much changed…

Now, I love #DHOE like no other.. I have been mentally preparing for #DHOE14 for 365 days. Believe me when I tell you… There Is Nothing Like DHOE.

But dearies, DHOE does not come and go without its own lessons. Lessons either hard or easily learned, but lessons nonetheless. So as I sit here and sulk in all of the readings I have to catch up on and my overwhelming sense of nostalgia about having to depart from my dearly beloved UNC today.. I decided to impart my DHOE lessons on you.

DHOE taught me…10689804_1066317110061218_6462207065078231766_n

1) Uber can be everything and N O T H I N G at the same time.

  • Dear Uber, thank you for your surcharges, late arrivals and all around greatness to get me wherever my heart desires without worrying about cash.

2) Socially acceptable club arrival is N O T your friend…

  • Oh, you rolled up to the #WhoDoYouLove party after 11:30pm. My bad. Just trash whatever you spent on them tickets because me and my ladies promptly arrive before 11pm.

3) I don’t like tailgating but I love my humans.

  • I have never ever… EVER tailgated before. I was ever so sweetly coerced into arriving at Dogwood deck at 10am on Saturday and had the best early morning turnup session with my people. The game was irrelevant. The bleachers were cold. I went just to see the cheerleaders and they had on these funky track suits. I wasn’t having it. Save ya money next year Leslie.

4) We Know How To Party

  • Now, DHOE is not a widely popular notion at Carolina and what I mean by that is that DHOE is primarily a minority function. If you ask your common Caucasion friend at UNC how was DHOE they may have N O idea what you are talking about. But let me tell you what, whoever thought it right to organize this weekend around the celebration of laughter, love, friendship and being brown at Carolina is amazing. We party hard. We give back to our community. We come together for a great time.

5) There is nothing like being a Tar Heel.

  • Our love for our Alma Mater is absolutely infectious. We love this university as if we gave birth to it.

6) Love Thy Neighbor

  • Well, I borrowed this lesson from Jesus but at #DHOE this is exemplified in so many ways. Whether it be the SandwichRun which was FOUNDED by a UNC Alum or the simple act of making sure everyone has a ride home, we are the epitome of loving each other. We genuinely care about those around us. That is why I love my Tar Heels. No matter the situation we ensured that everyone was safe and sound by the end of the Turn Up. 10487197_1066316896727906_2333478447994890824_n

7) DHOE is necessary

  • Over the years I have heard so many people recount the story of their college years only to realize that they have lost contact with so many important people in their lives. #DHOE is NECESSARY. As a team, we come together to relax, have fun and make connections. I know Tar Heels all across this beautiful nation that are doing amazing things and I am so happy that at least once a year I get to see their beautiful faces and be reminded of how blessed I am to be in the same room with people that are changing the world.

I went to DHOE searching for a good time with good peeps and I left with my spirits full of excitement and passion. I left knowing that we are still out in the world doing amazing things. I left knowing that in 365 days we will be back and we will reek havoc on Chapel Hill.

Until next time.

Miss Locklear


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