She Used To Be The Sweetest Girl..

Sometimes I really think I live a double life. Sometimes I wake up and realize that I am a doctoral student and I am truly shocked because I have absolutely no logical idea how this manifested out of my ratchet high school years. I can’t imagine that I am where I am based on my actions in high school. I can’t fathom how this happened. Lawd, only the grace of the good Lord.LeslieAmandaKelC

But let me tell you what. If Jesus came here to this great Earth and allowed me to re-live A N Y time in my life I would BEG to go back to my sophomore year in high school and just graduate one more time. Now, don’t get me wrong. High school was a terrible time for me.

I fell hard in love with A L L the wrong people. My friends were a little on the ratchet side and there were dozens of days where getting to school was impossible because I just got ‘sidetracked’.

I would like to take this time to apologize to my mother. This women really had it in for me. I laugh about it now, but lawd, I am sorry for sneaking out and I am really really really sorry for getting that tattoo in that trailer. Blame Amanda.

Hoke County High School and the amazing class of 2009 gave me some of the best memories I have EVER had.. EVER. These people challenged me, loved me, consoled me, hated me and everything in between. In high school I was farrrr from the woman I am now. I was a follower. I wanted to be in the ‘in’ crowd’. I hated conflict. And I may have been OVERLY sensitive… Again, I blame Amanda.

LeslieKyraKelCHigh school gave me people that have continued to play a major role in my life. High school taught me how to deal with ‘difficult’ people..*coughs KelC*. High school taught me how to navigate the Hoke County Department of Social Services. High School taught me that pregnancy tests are expensive but if my friend needs one, you gotta do what you gotta do. High school taught me that gas was much cheaper and that a $1 cheeseburger was the GOLDEN meal. Haha. High school was just everything.

My ratchet ways in high school led me to skip many days of school but lawd knows, we had some good times at random peoples houses. Salute to those who’s houses we crashed at and ruined.LeslieKyraKelcProm

Now, as I reflect high school has taught me so many things about the social world. #AbstinenceOnly policies are rubbish. The lack of accessible contraception and information concerning sex and pregnancy renders helpless young people trying to navigate the sexual world. Good mentors and advisors are absolutely crucial. Miss Tiffany S A V E D us.

There are days when I wake up and I could almost cry because I wonder if I am making the right decision because I am so far from the woman I once was but I know that those people that were there for me at my lowest, those people that pushed me through high school, those people that have had far more struggles than myself are just a text or a phone call away. I know that those that convinced me to skip or smoke or drink are ALWAYS by my side and are now encouraging me to graduate and be successful.LeslieAmandaKelcProm

I love you and I thank you.

To the Hoke County High School Class of 2009, you are in my heart and soul. I remember all your ratchetness and I greatly appreciate it.

What’s high school without a little fun?


Miss Locklear

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