Small Pebbles and Grey Clouds Kinda Love

Do you ever think about how you love people or how you show people you love them?

The older I get the more I am made aware of the various types of “love”…

Recently, I was made even more aware because some of those around me express their love in very different ways than I do.

Let me explain.

My love can be termed harsh, hard or maybe even mean. I rarely say “I love you”, I don’t really do hugs, I make bad jokes, and I continuously pick on people that I “love”… That’s just how I am and always have been. I am not lovey dovey and full of fluff. My love isn’t rainbows and butterflies its more like small pebbles and grey clouds. But it’s still love. It’s just as powerful. It’s just as strong. It’s just as meaningful.

I know people that continuously tell others they love them, they share dozens of compliments, they smile and hug and kiss and gush and congratulate and all those warm fuzzies. I admire this kind of love. I admire the ability to spout the words “I LOVE YOU” with no hesitation. I admire those who are unashamed of their public love. This sort of love is admirable.

But it’s not my love.

My love has gotten me in a heap of trouble at various times in my life because it is so misunderstood. Some people question my intentions. They question my attitude. They question my love. Darling, fear not, if I love you, then know that my love for you is far and wide just like the ocean. Though I may not tell you, I can show you. I will be there whenever you need me. If you ask for something, you can count on me. I may joke about it. I may give you a hard time. But I WILL do it. . .

That’s how I love. I love hard. I love deep.

I like my love. Again, its not warm or fuzzy. I am not your cuddle and watch movies kinda love I’m more of your let’s go do Lazer Tag and get Coldstone kinda love. I’m not your “comfort and console” kinda love, I’m your “You are awesome, get off ya behind and be awesome” kinda love.

It’s different. But aren’t we all..


Miss Locklear

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