Is that really professional? Big Hair. Curls. And a little frizz.

I never thought twice about the concept of flat ironing my hair for ANY formal event. It was never an option.

If I was going to something “nice” where I needed to be “presentable” that involved the L O N G, tedious process of applying 400 degrees of heat to my lovely locks in order to ensure they were absolutely FLAT…

I never questioned it.

This was an absolute MUST for job interviews. My hair had to be straight, flat and in it’s place. This means that the process of “getting ready” for an interview usually had to begin the night before.

As I ponder this thought and my hair style restrictions I realize that it is not my choice to flat iron my hair. It is not my choice to wear this style. Society tells me that this is the ONLY acceptable hair style. Society says that my hair must be straight, flat, ironed, burned…

Society says that my hair should resemble traditional white-European styles. And I have to be honest, society had poisoned me to the point that I even feel prettier when my hair is this way. Society has made me think that flat, burned hair is my favorite hairstyle.

Last November I decided to embark on a four week journey of absolutely NO HEAT… Y’all. It was brutal. I realized that:

1. I have NO knowledge of the appropriate products to use to protect my natural hair.
2. I have absolutely NO style ideas for my natural hair and sadly,
3. My natural, no heat hair was not widely accepted and appreciated.

So, as I continue my journey in my doctoral program and realize that working out is not conducive to straight, Euro-American flat hair I want to accept my natural wavy hair as professional, beautiful and perfect.

And now I would like to pay homage to some beautiful curly ladies that I not only respect but humbly seek to imitate.


3 thoughts on “Is that really professional? Big Hair. Curls. And a little frizz.

  1. OMG! Thanks for the shoutout. This is great. It takes a lot to accept your curly hair, trust me, i went through the phase of flat ironing, perming and all. Let me know if you wanna know about any good products.

  2. Check out “The curly girl handbook” they promote a product Deva Curl it is a little expensive I use their method with other products with a very good outcome! Good Luck I went through the same thing about 7 years ago I only flat ironed my hair once last year and I haven’t
    used shampoo in over 3 years!

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