Ohana. Family. Famiglia. 家庭. משפחה. ຄອບຄົວ. Familia.

Do you ever think about who your “family” is?


Do you ever think about how you define this word…”family”?

This word can hold so many different meanings especially for those who have moved away from “home” for school or work. As I think about the weight of this word I am overcome with joy, happiness, warmth and love to realize that I have so many “families”. So many circles that I call mine. So many people that I love and look up to.

1150896_10203347618634931_819342485_nLet me explain. As we grow up, we typically define our family as those who are blood related. Those in our immediate homes or those who show up to our family reunions. Whether you want them or not, that’s your family.

UNC School Counseling Family

As we progress throughout our K-12 education we also tend to find people who will be our lifelong friends. Our family begins to extend. For some of us, if we go off to college, we then begin to form yet another family or community on our campuses to help us better acclimate to a new area. Throughout one’s college career, circles are formed with certain groups, organizations, Greek life, programs, etc. Eventually you find that you belong to a host of communities in which there is a shared experience or bond.

Sorority Family

I have also found that these bond can be made within a community as well.

As I ponder the word family I realize that the lines are blurred far beyond “blood” relations. I realize that there are so many people that I care for as if we are true relations. There are so many people that I hold near and dear to myself.

For this I am eternally grateful. I do not take enough time to thank those who are apart of my “families”. Whether big or small, whether we talk daily or annually…my “families” are necessary and essential to my success as a woman, as a college student, as a person of color.

UNITY 25 U 25 Family

So here’s to all of my families. My relations. I love you indefinitely and you will always be at home in my heart.

AIGCS Family


Hoke County High Native American Student Association
Hoke County Boys & Girls Club
Hoke County High Softball (2005-2009)
North Carolina Native American Youth Organization
Hoke County High Class of 2009
United National Indian Tribal Youth Organization (UNITY)
UNITY 25 Under 25
North Carolina Native Leadership Institute
Carolina Indian Circle/ Unheard Voices
Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc.
UNC American Indian Center
One Spirit Dance
UNC MEd School Counseling Cohort 2013-2014
Gates Scholars AIGCS


Miss Locklear

CIC Family
CIC Family
NLI Family
NLI Family

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