“My Sister As Myself”

We often take part in organization’s or activities halfheartedly. We go because our friends are there. We go to be social. Or we go just because it is fun. This is NOT a reason to join a Greek letter organization. We have all heard the stories or maybe you even know someone that joined a Greek letter organization just because their friends did or just because they wanted something to do. 

150343_1457616525909_3686164_nNow, don’t get me wrong. Friends can be a great way to get someone to an interest meeting but I always remember hearing… “Make sure you really consider this decision. Do you support the mission? Do you agree with the work we do? Are you willing to help?”

These are key questions that young men and women must consider when joining a Greek letter organization because, whew, let me tell you. It is NOT a small amount of work. 

I remember considering these questions as I thought long and hard about joining Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc. I remember watching these strong Native women support each other through thick and thin. I remember watching them interact with each other as if they were truly family. I remember yearning to be apart of such a phenomenal sisterhood. For quite some time I wondered what brought them so close. What was the glue that held them so tightly to each other?

As I memorized the National website for the first formal interest meeting it hit me. The motto. As a sisterhood, Alpha Pi Omega established itself under the motto, “My Sister As Myself”. Short, sweet, to the point yet deep and awe inspiring.548368_1598624770792_1149982846_n

As an organization these women stood as a unit. As a line these women were eternally connected. As a chapter these women were one.

As an outsider, I had NO idea what this meant. I knew that it was easy to memorize. However, in the Fall of 2010 this motto shook my heart to the core. Many times we find it so easy to love our family as if they are ourselves and yes, we love our friends but with a much less intensive love.

This love, this motto, My Sister As Myself, has not only shown me how to love a group of women as if they were my own blood but has shown me how to love those that are different from me, those I disagree with, those that are older, those that are younger, this motto has expanded my love beyond boundaries I didn’t even know existed.

421845_410417192306827_1258984882_nAs I contemplate this motto and what it truly means, I know that from the outside looking in, it could never be explained, but from the inside looking out, you want to share it with everyone.

I find that many people devalue sororities as simple social organizations that are ONLY for undergraduate years and is then dis-guarded. However, the love that is evoked by a motto such as, My Sister As Myself, is not one to devalue or dis-guard. My sisterhood extends far beyond my undergraduate career and far beyond even Carolina. 

I love my chapter and my sisters as if they were my own true sisters. And sometimes, in my mind, they really are. snow

During this rushing/ pledging season, consider why you would want to join a Greek organization or why you did join a Greek organization. Think about the relationships that you see and think about the ones you have built. Ensure that the organization you choose is built on a foundation of love, trust and empowerment just as I feel my sisterhood is. Ensure that you will be joining an organization where unconditional love is expected not just hoped for. 

Now, yes yes, we disagree. We argue. We have tough days. And sometimes we are downright stubborn but there is not one day that I am not thankful for these women who keep me in line, lift me up, cook for me, come to visit me and text me on a daily basis just to check in.

Alpha Pi Omega has changed my life and has added 600+ sisters to my family. All of which I love eternally and could call at the drop of the dime.

So in this time of celebration of 20 Phenomenal Years of Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc., I send my love to my sisters from the East to the West and my eternal love to my dear, Faith.


Miss Locklear

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