Falling in Love: A Step By Step Guide

My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are plagued with diamond rings and “I Do’s” and I’m just here eating french fries. As young women we are constantly hounded with the idea of eternal love and marriage. My dearies let me impart some of my own (very opinionated) knowledge on you.

Learn to love everything about yourself. Your crooked smile and your messy hair.

It is 100% true that if you DO NOT love yourself you have absolutely NO capacity to love someone else. In today’s world, this  can be a monumental task. We are plagued by magazines and movies of skinny women with beautiful hair and skin. Believe me, if I could digitally edit my body and face every morning, I would. But honey, that just aint how life is. Beyonce was wrong. You are NOT flawless. And neither is she. Embrace your nose, your thighs, your boobs, your hair. Embrace your curves or bones (whatsoever have you). This is a task that takes continual daily work and an amazing support system. Forbid yourself from negative comments and thoughts. Rebuke those that bring that poison into your life.

Find a little bit of joy.


Find your joy. Giving another human being the power to control your happiness is a death trap. Innately humans are flawed. We all mess up. When someone controls your happiness they control your life. Placing all of your joy in your significant others gives them more power than they ever should have. Now, do not get me wrong. I did not say that this ‘other’ could not be a source of joy, but they cannot be your SOLE source of joy. What makes you happy? What makes your soul smile? Find that. And DO IT.

Have a plan. Chaos begets insanity. The world we live in requires that you be 10 steps ahead of the game, as a lady, be 15 steps ahead. Have a plan for yourself, your life. Do not base this plan SOLELY on another human being, again, see above, human beings can suck sometimes. What is your goal? What do you want to be? Who do you want to be as a woman? Now, what does it take to get there.

Now, falling in love with a man..

This, honey child, is where my knowledge ends. You will have to figure that one out on your own. Hey, if you do, please share. (;


Miss Locklear

One thought on “Falling in Love: A Step By Step Guide

  1. What Is There Left To Say Miss Locklear!!!! No Further Questions The Questions Someone Needs To Ask Is To Themselves…..

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