Get Out Of This Country.

I am a Native American. That, my dears, ensures that most/ all of my ancestors are from this gorgeous, beautiful, mixed country we call America. This also means, that unlike some, I can’t ‘go visit family’ in other countries. Why? Because they are all here. . . . . . We are from here…. So, yeah.

But, if you know me then you know my obsession with Italy. If asked right now to renounce my American citizenship for Italian citizenship I would probably do so.

IMG_6400This Italian obsession was not just born from photographs, food or language. This obsession was born from actually setting foot in this God given land. In the summer of 2012 I went out on a limb, got on a plane and spent an entire month in Florence, Italy. (A Native Abroad)

There was one thing that shook me about Italy and that was the sheer beauty of absolutely everything around me. I am not into architecture or landscape and never give them much thought. However, in Italy I was beyond intrigued. I wanted to see and touch absolutely everything. The clear blue water, the century old buildings, the stone streets….everything left me wide eyed.

I came back to America a completely different person. Before Italy my travel experiences were quite limited. I had been to various places in America but never outside of this country. I have been asked multiple times, “Well, how did this change your life?” I am quite glad you asked. I found a world that was different from America. The America that we think is right and just. The America that we think ALWAYS does it the right way. I found a world that was working, that was great and that was comfortable. But it was different. We are so ingrained with the idea that we, as Americans, always know best. And for once, I found a place that was perfect and different. I found a place that allowed for the comforts of friendship and lounging. I found a place where people did what they loved and worked hard at it. I found this joy in my time in Florence, Italy.

DSCF9489This joy. This hope. This country changed my entire world view…

Basically, dolls, what I am saying is… STUDY ABROAD. For a week, two, semester, year… Your choice! Just Do It.

I don’t care where you go or whom you go with.

Just go.


Miss Locklear

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