Finding My Joy

Let me tell you.

Blog family, I have been beyond busy.

My life has been cramped with studying for the GRE, turning in final assignments, completing PhD applications, working, an internship and just trying to survive.

As I near the end of this year, I am so so so happy things are finally beginning to slow down. My top choice PhD application has been submitted (UNC-G: PhD in Educational Studies with a focus in Cultural Foundations) I have taken the GRE for the second time (improved my quantitative score by 5 points and my verbal by 1 point! Just waiting on my writing). And I have one more final!

Throughout all of this happy hurricane, I have faced my own personal struggles and I tend to go to church on Sunday in order to recharge and reconnect with myself, my God and my purpose because typically by Wednesday I am far gone down the path of ‘salt and bitterness’.

On Sunday I woke up to the freezing cold and terrible rainy weather. Every single part of my body said, “Leslie, stay right here in bed!” I pondered this idea for 20 minutes, realized there was no chance I was going back to sleep and I finally got up to get ready for church.

I am happy and so blessed that I did.

One of my favorite worship leaders was the lead singer on Sunday. Preacher JD began a new series and I sat in the auditorium at East Chapel Hill High School and was straight up filled with the spirit. Preacher JD does a fantastic job of preaching and teaching. I never feel like I am being guilted into actions. I never feel as if I am being condemned. I do feel like I learn so many things about my God and about the Bible. Not just stories, but true theological perspectives. This is why I LOVE The Summit!

One of my FAVORITE things that Preacher JD talks about is our faith in the gospel and how it is truly evident with our ability to find JOY in all things.

I never thought about how difficult it was. Imagine, finding JOY in all things. In death, in the ending of relationships, in a bad grade, in an indecisive future!!! I have asked myself constantly, how in the world am I supposed to find JOY in those things!

For a while now, this is where my prayers have been vested. Telling the Lord to help ME find JOY in ALL things. Through this, I have found that I am genuinely happier. Grant it, all of my situations have not improved. Everything is not perfect. I am still a sinner in all respects. But I still seek the joy that I know is there because I know my God has this all planned and that in the end, my joy will be found.

So, in this season of giving and finals, peeps, find JOY.

Find it in spending countless hours with important people, eating chocolate, watching your favorite movie or having a cozy alone day on the couch.

Where is your joy?


Miss Locklear



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