I really struggled this week when people asked me what #DHOE was. I tried responding by saying “Oh, it stands for ‘Drunkest Homecoming On Earth.” This explanation was twinged with ounces of truth yet also a sense of falsehood. This IS what the acronym stands for but to me, this is NOT what it means.

Please, allow me to explain.
Yesterday I woke up at 6:30am to attend a conference in Greensboro and take a tour of High Point University (beautiful campus by the way)..long story short, I did not get home until 9:30pm and my Friday morning schedule begins at 5:30am..
Typically a person in said situation would NOT think about going out after such a long day or with the knowledge of such an early morning. But let me tell you, I could not get home and dressed fast enough..

imageThe minorities at UNC-CH have done a great job of disguising #DHOE as a huge party when actually it is an integral part of our life and community. Many of us come from families where gatherings are common and highly favored. We love hanging out, laughing, hugging and family. Our families and communities have a deeply rooted history in these gatherings. I think of Native Americans and powwows. I think of Southern Baptists and our homecoming Sundays. This is what we do.

In May of this year I graduated with 3,000+ people in Kenan stadium. Standing in that stadium surrounded by so many people, I felt at home.


Because of things like Project Uplift I have been able to create a family at Carolina. A true family. And #DHOE is our family reunion. This homecoming is more than a party, more than a drunken list of festivities, #DHOE is truly a family reunion. A weekend of hugs and laughter #JustLikeOldTimes 1006119_10201343713858564_1036023537_n

I do not think one appreciates the depth of #DHOE until you experience it as a alumni. Yesterday I was ecstatic to know that so many people from the Class of 2013 and my Project Uplift family had returned to Chapel Hill for a few days for this reunion. Despite my hectic schedule, I was not going to miss seeing their faces and it was just that: a hug fest, quick talk of catching up and a good time.

Oh, and did I mention it is one of the greatest networking opportunities ever. I am able to connect with my family members who are all over the United States changing lives.

For so many reasons I love #DHOE. My Project Uplift family and even more specifically the Class of 2013 has had an impact on my life that is everlasting and I am so happy that at some point in time somebody somewhere felt the same way I do about my Carolina family that they created something absurd as #DHOE. Yo, preciate you..

I have never been able to really describe why Carolina is so perfect for me and so many others like me. But I think I have finally found it. My Carolina is a family that extends beyond racial boundaries and bloodlines. My Carolina is a family of like-minded individuals who want to change the world and have a good time doing it.

This is my Carolina.

#Shoutout to my PU Fam ❤

Happy #DHOE2013

See you #DHOE2014


Miss Locklear

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