For the past two to three years I have been intrigued by the Natural Movement of African American women. If you know me and you are natural then I have probably asked you what this movement means to you, what this movement entails and how can I go natural…

At which point you probably laughed….

“Leslie, you got good hair!”

“What you mean go natural!? You don’t get perms.”

I thought about this quite a bit and continued my research concerning going natural and I found quite a bit of opinions concerning this topic. One that really resonated with me. . .

Going natural is more than just a movement for African American women. Going natural, TO ME, is more than just not getting perms. TO ME going natural means separating myself from certain products, particularly tools that alter and honestly, harm my hair. My chosen tools of torture–> The In-Styler and the flat iron.

I can’t recall a time I did not have a flat iron to use or even a blow dryer for that matter.

This epiphany occurred about two days ago. I casually pulled my hair back into a pony tail and was dismayed when I looked in the mirror and noticed that my “once cute side swept bangs” were broken, ugly and sticking straight up. And did I mention that I had various sprigs of hair that were shorter than my pinky finger all over my head. My hair was broken and damaged and something had to be done. . . .

Now, introducing #NoHeatNovember! Today is the last day of October meaning that tomorrow begins my embark of #NoHeatNovember ….

What is #NoHeatNovember?!

#NoHeatNovember consists of an entire month (hopefully) of no torturous heating tools for my gorgeous locks. This may scare some of you and it sure does scare me. But do not fear, at some point in time flat irons did NOT exist.

Throughout the month of November I plan to not only go without heating tools but also put my time and focus on good products to help restore my broken hair.

I am well aware of what stands before me. Nappy hair days, a lot of buns and the loss of hundreds of ponytail holders but I hope that at the conclusion of the month of November I will be able to see a difference in my hair and may even forgo heating tools for longer than a month.

Join me if you dare.. =)



Miss Locklear



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