Of all disciplines at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (undergraduate, graduate & professional) there is a grand total of 29,127 students.

Of the 29,127 students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 126 are American Indian/ Native American.

Or 0.4%…

I cannot be the only person that see’s an issue here.

The state of North Carolina is home to 8 state recognized tribes…

-The Lumbee
-The Eastern Band of Cherokee (also federally recognized)
-The Coharie
-The Waccamaw Siouan
-The Meherrin
-The Occaneechi Band of Saponi
-The Haliwa-Saponi
-The Sappony
via: NC Tribes

The Lumbee tribe of North Carolina is the largest tribes east of the Mississippi River with over 50,000 members.

Where is the disconnect?

I call for reform. I call for a change. I call for us to stand up and take action.

The lack of Native American representation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is appalling. Home to the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc, the Gamma Chapter of Phi Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc, the American Indian Center, the Carolina Indian Circle as well as Unheard Voices.

Where is the disconnect?

It is obvious that the resources are here. Where are the students? Why are they either not being accepted or not applying?

These statistics are disheartening.

We must seek change.


Miss Locklear


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