Let Miley Live.

Dear Miley,

Congratulations! You have managed to steal the attention of almost every human being in America. Congratulations! You are receiving messages, letters, songs, and posts from concerned parents concerning your recent actions. Young lady, you are causing quite an uproar.

But guess what, ima just let you live.

For various reasons..

  1. You were forced to grow up in front of our eyes as Hannah Montana and now I commend you for realizing that maybe, just possibly, that’s not who you really were. And now you are figuring that out.
  2. From the knowledge I have received there have been no arrests or warrants for your arrest. That’s always great.
  3. You were able to maintain a positive relationship with a very handsome young man and maintain a large amount of privacy.

Do not get me wrong and do not misunderstand, I have NO IDEA what you were doing at the VMA’s but you looked like you had a great time doing it.

Enjoy your young life. Live wild while you can (with some restraint) because soon, that mess gonna get old young lady.

And to the parents saying “If that was my daughter”…. guess what, your daughter is probably doing the same thing behind your back. Be careful.

Judge not lest ye be judged…


Miss Locklear

PS. America is on the brink of war with Syria. So, let Miley twerk.

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