Raised To Life.

When something major happens in your life you typically do not reflect on it’s implications until many years down the road. It is at that point that you realize how big and important that decision was. Such as going to college, dropping out of college or high school for that matter, in that moment you are just doing what you presume to be the right thing for you.

On Sunday, this was not the case. On Sunday, I very well knew the implications of the decision I was making. I very well knew it was the best decision to make and I very well knew that I had to make it right then, right there at that very moment.

You may be confused about as to what this decision was…

Well, I got baptized.

About 3 weeks ago my entire future and present life seemed to be crumbling. I had no idea what I was doing next year or even if I really liked the graduate program I was in. I was mean, obnoxious and downright unhappy.

And I had no idea why. . .

And then, like a ton of bricks, it HE hit me. (HE being God not my boyfriend). I had turned by back on the one thing/ person that had always been there despite it all. The one thing that I had so fervently relied on, my faith. I was broken down into a bout of tears and joy as I realized the implications of turning by back on God. And just like that I turned back around, turned my face to him and made the decision, yet again, to follow what I knew was right.

My four years of undergrad have been sorted with periods of this type of decision. As a professional backsliding Christian, this was no new thing for me. But this time I was truly giving it all up. ALL of it…

This led to a prayer list, daily Bible readings, no negative thoughts and a extensive list of other things..

But even more recently, me being baptized.

I was first baptized in October of 2001, which would have made me about 10.. A young age to make a life changing decision, but  nonetheless an age at which I decided to fully give my life to Christ.

Though this decision was inherently bred within me, there were numerous times that I turned my face from that path..

As I stood in the University YMCA building on Sunday for the ‘Elevation’ church service it all made sense. Again, things were back in line.. As the preacher asked for us to publicly declare our decision to wholeheartedly follow Christ, I stood there, with tears in my eyes and I knew, right them that I was going to be baptized again today to ‘re-declare’ my commitment.

“When I count to three, I want those of you to come out in the aisle and head towards the back.”

The directions were given, I threw my phone, keys and clutch at Josh and forced my way into the aisle. I hastily changed my clothes, threw my belongings in a bag and made my way to the baptism site, only to find that I was number 1!

I nervously waited for things to begin. With a great sense of urgency, I closed my eyes and just thanked God for the opportunity. It was as if this was planned just for me.

I glanced out in the crowd and found a familiar face. She came up to embraced me and whispered to me that my boyfriend was in line also. This was the straw that broke the camels back.. there was a down pouring of tears.

Together, we were making a life changing decision.

On Sunday, my life changed dramatically.


Miss Locklear

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