High School.

I love colorful bulletin boards, colors carpets, tables instead of desks, cubbies and no homework.

Basically, I love elementary school.

However, this week I was thrown into a totally different world. The ever daunting world of high school….

There is no color. There are no bulletin boards. There are desks. There are tall scarey lockers and too much homework.

High School..

I walked in on Monday scared to death. I have not been to a high school in 4 years. Back in my ‘not so great’ days. I was in for a pleasant surprise…

It’s tough. Everyone is so hardcore..

As a school counseling intern I spend most/all of my day in the student services office. I expected to be getting ready for an emotional year with emotional outpourings from teenage students facing critical adolescent crisis.

Instead, we have spent this entire week completing schedule changes at a frantic pace. Arriving early. Leaving late. And never seeing an end in sight. This is scarey.

For many reasons.

As a counselor, this is not how I view my job. Tons and tons of paperwork. An overload of administrative duties. This is not what I signed up for. And this worries me.

The role of a school counselor has evolved into a catchall for duties that others do not want. As a school counselor, I will not be a catchall position.

I never truly understood the role that school counselor play in a school or the role that they could possibly play if given the opportunity. The last week I have been constantly overwhelmed with the catchall duties and I have yet to meet any students yet.

I seek to find a job where my jobs and duties are strictly defined, my goal is clear and I have endless opportunities to change the lives of students.


One can hope.


Miss Locklear


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