9 times out of 10 I hate constructive criticism. Actually, 10 times out of 10…

I hate being corrected. I hate being told that something is wrong. And I HATE doing something over again.

Needless to say, as an intern, this is all I have done the past few weeks and I have learned so much. .

I have been working at the American Indian Center on campus on various things including e-newsletters, one-pagers, flyers, etc. And I am truly amazed at the amount of mistakes I make on a daily basis.

For example, today I was simply typing (slightly re-typing) a description for an grant and upon my bosses review there were tons of revisions to be made. A slight re-word here. A wrong indention there. The picture was not exactly centered. And HEY let’s add a border!

My first week at the American Indian Center brought shock and a large amount of adjustment. I was unsure of how to take such criticism. Many times I work on efficiency and brush quality to the side. This job has forced me to rearrange this ideology.

I have become so thankful for this opportunity to revise. edit. revise. edit. revise. edit. final draft. revise. edit. publish.

This has taught me not only more about myself but my decisions in life and how I should approach them. Of course, there are times for rash decisions with a lack of revision and editing just for the fun of it but many times we must revise, edit, revise and again edit our plans in life.

This internship has prepared me to go forward with my life with the mentality that there is a time to leap wholeheartedly into a decision and then there are times to revise and edit.

As I prepare to being applying to various PhD/EdD programs I seek to be in a season of revising and editing. . .

Forever grateful for the little lessons that I have so long renounced.


Miss Locklear


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